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What is SosyalGöz?

Constantly monitors the categorial data sources on social media and internet, analyzes and simplifies to report what matters the most for you.

SosyalGöz, let's you access all the information from one single window.

Why SosyalGöz?

SosyalGöz, efficiently analyzes the social networks. Instead of dealing with millions of irrelevant messages, SosyalGöz pinpoint the information you're looking for, instantly.

If you're mentioned in any social media channel, you'll notified just in seconds.

Unique features only for peanuts.

Turkey's 1st award-wining social media platform

Informatics Association of Turkey
«Most Effective Social Media Project»
2014 Grand Prize Winner.


SosyalGöz makes a difference in social media analyses

Breakthroguh analyses that you were seeking for is finally here for you, only with SosyalGöz.

Take a look at the most distintive features of SosyalGöz;

  • Over %90 success in topic specific sentimental analysis.
  • Advanced inqueries for avoiding irrelevant content.
  • Highlighted video selection feature will make you save time.
  • Set real-time alarms to get instant notifications.
  • Set your advert goals with audience analysis.
  • Monitor your any image in social media channel and internet.

SosyalGöz presents efficient analyses with big data processing techniques only in seconds.

Take a look at SosyalGöz infrastructure and the technologies under the hood.

SosyalGöz is developed on the powerful and flexible infrastructure of J2EE.
SosyalGöz saves the big data it monitors on the cloud based infrastructure of Apache Solr.
SosyalGöz saves all big data analyses and their results on scalable NoSQL database: mongoDB.
SosyalGöz, performs the big data analyses on the scalable and distributed Hadoop infrastructure.

SaaS and Cloud Architecture

SosyalGöz: software as a service model on a scalable cloud infrastructure.

Enterprise Analyses Platform

SosyalGöz is a turn-key solution for enterprises and customers. The flexible infrastructure enables installation on customer premises equipment.

R&D Steps

SosyalGöz is an advanced platform, developed with the fund of knowledge and experience aquired from the TUBITAK ve EU funded projects; Mantam, Mansad, Sakuwassa and e-Itibar.


You can't do with less? Try SosyalGöz today!

SosyalGöz is the only software solution which wraps all social media analysis in one hand.

Topic Specific Sentimental Analysis

Use SosyalGöz and it's embedded breakthrough machine learning techniques, create your own sentimental models and get over %90 performance.

Target Audience Analysis

Find out the influencers of social media for your promotions, define the relationships in between and create the most successful advertisement strategy for your business, product and market.

Intelligent Content Clustering

SosyalGöz clusters same (or similar) messages of same source (or item) together, prevents you to read the same one over over again and helps you save time!

Image Scanning and Detection

SosyalGöz has sensitive image processing techniques implemented, ensures you to track and trace images, photos, visuals in social media.

Location Analysis

Location specific messages, city/region based sentimental analysis, country specific monitoring is all in your hands with a few clicks.

Social Board

Define social boards with SosyalGöz, instantly follow any social media or internet channel of your choice to monitor or 'do something cooler like crisis' management.


Take strategical decisions with the help of SosyalGöz, you'll never be alone again.

SosyalGöz is going to give you more, always and you'll like it!

Rich Content

SosyalGöz provides not only the most popular social media channels but also news sites, forums, blogs, dictionary and various websites. You won't miss a thing.

Smart Content Analysis

Smart content analysis with SosyalGöz only shows what you need to see, not more not less! No time will be wasted for irrelevant content anymore. Use your time for what is important.

Search Engine Analysis

SosyalGöz also searches on search engines like Google, Yandex and Bing continuesly. Lists and ranks the results before bringing them to your attention.

User Analysis

You have to power to monitor social media channels actively & find out influencers and fake accounts. Disabling fake accounts helps your analyses stay unaffected.

Smart Reporting & Alarms

All performed analyses can be reported in different file formats (pdf, doc, xls, etc.). Get instant notifications setting and using alarms about your brand, product, market or opponents.

Social Media Manager

Define many social media accounts in SosyalGöz and share any post, audio, video or visual at the same time in all channels. Set time and date for futured posts. Use SosyalGöz to reply as well.


SosyalGöz News

Follow the latest news about SosyalGöz here.

Our R&D Team is working hard. SosyalGöz, constantly gets new features and updates with the customer feedback we receive. SosyalGöz generates reports and infographics for giant news agencies on request. Not to miss any hot news about SosyalGöz, follow us.

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SosyalGöz quality and security standards

SosyalGöz fulfills the most crucial security and quality standards.
ISO 9001:2008
Quality Management Systems Standard
ISO 27001:2013
Information Security Management Systems Standard
Quality and Security Standards approved by TÜRKAK.
Turkish Patent Institute
'SosyalGöz' is trademark of Mantis.
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